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Dental implants, fully anesthetized dental treatments, advanced dental aesthetics and oral rehabilitation

Dr. Averbuch treats, advises and accompanies every patient and every treatment in the mostleading dental clinic in Israel.

The dental clinic managed by Dr. Alexander Averbuch looks after your oral health.

Our top priority is that our patients leave the clinic with an amazing smile, a good feeling and knowing that they have made a great investment in their health that will generate many more smiles in the future.
The treatments are conducted with the patients full co-operation including dental consultation, dental radiography (X-Rayed photography) whilst meeting the needs of each and every patient.

Dental implants, dental coating, oral rehabilitation, and patients' smiles

Many of our patients come to our clinic with a wide range of dental problems.We make sure that everyone leaves with a great smile. We measure our success by the patient's smile and smiles speak for themselves.

Leading dentistry with international standards

Our motto is quality treatment, which provides satisfactory results for all of our patients, in all treatments and at a fair price. That is how we do it.

Focusing on our patients' needs

Each patient has unique needs, we are here to meet them all and ensure their satisfaction.

Highly professional dentists

Our team includes dentists with a big range of specialties: root canals, dental implants, general anesthesia and more.

Our clinics equipment

In our clinic we use the most up-to-date technologies and sophisticated equipment, this is the way to deliver uncompromising quality.

The treatments
in our clinic

Our dental clinic focuses on surgical and complex treatments such as dental implants, sinus lifting, treatment of periodontal diseases, periodontal infections and oral rehabilitation. 

We offer our patients fully anesthetized dental treatments. Alternatively, our patients can choose to completethe treatment under local anesthesiaor sedation. 

Our clinic provides various oral rehabilitation treatments such as: root canals with zirconia or porcelain crowns, fillings, teeth extraction as well as aesthetic dental treatments by a dental hygienist, dental coating, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening and more.


Most treatments begin with a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity which is done most often through digital x-rays that include: panoramic, status and C.T. radiography. Thanks to our intraoral video cameras our patients can have an active role during the dental examination process.

The advanced equipment we use in our dental clinic emits minimal radiation levels compared to other equipment used. This low level of radiation allows us to perform accurate treatments such as cyst treatments, bone plastic surgery, root canals, detecting root filling defects etc.

If you wish to find out more about our treatments, such as dental implant therapy, sinus lifting and more, you can learn about the process by clicking on the treatment below.

Other treatments we offer in our clinic

Dental implants in one day

In the past, the dental transplant process took months and involved a great deal of pain and loss of precious time. Our clinic offers dental implant treatment that can be performed in one day. You can come to our clinic and leave with a new set of teeth on the same day. Make an appointment today and get receive a quote!

Dental coatings

Dental coating is a process in which the dentist covers the teeth with a special protective layer of compressed porcelain. This layer provides an aesthetic appearance and helps maintain the teeth white and aligned. To make an appointment contact us today!

Panoramic photos

In our clinic you can go through all dental radiography with our sophisticated equipment and with minimal radiation. Our dental radiography includes: C.T., panoramic X-Ray and more. Our patients are offered the dental radiography free of charge. Make an appointment now!

Dental Rehabilitation

For patients suffering from multiple dental and gum problems, we offer a comprehensive program, that includes a variety of treatments that ensure patients oral rehabilitation. The program is prepared by Dr. Averbuch and the results are not less than amazing!

Zirconia Crowns

These durable and aesthetic crowns combine an impressive ability to withstand the various pressure exerted on them in the oral cavity and look great too. These crowns can be adjusted to the appearance of your teeth, so that they integrate perfectly in your mouth!

Deep or Local Sedation

By using deep sedation, treatments such as full oral rehabilitation and even dental implants can be performed in our clinic in one day only. The sedation is given for both routine and complex treatments, subject to the patient's choice. The treatments can also be done under local anesthesia.

Root Canal Treatments

Our team performs both simple and complex root canal treatments with amazing results. In our clinic you will find a root canal specialist available around the clock. Teeth that are well taken care of will continue to serve you for many years ahead!

Dental Aesthetics

Our clinic provides a variety of dental aesthetic treatments that will keep your smile white and radiant for years to come. Among our treatments you will find teeth whitening, treating diastema (spacing between teeth), orthodontic treatment, dental hygienist treatment and more! Contact us for a quote?

Patients write about us

Dr. Alexander Averbuch

///////// Dentist, and founder of the clinic

Dr. Alexander Averbuch has extensive experience in dental transplants and complex dental surgeries. Dr. Averbuch (D.M.D.) is the founder and owner of “Dr. Averbuch – Dental Clinic“ in Rishon Lezion and is well known among Rishon Lezion’s residents and its surroundings, due to his work ethic and his contribution to the community. His professional hands have treated thousands of patients and still many more to come.

Dr. Alexander Averbuch performs all types of treatments, and his patients' smiles are his professional seal. We would love to schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Alexander Averbuch at our dental clinic.

Our blog teaches patients how to get to the clinic less

Health education is a top value in our dental clinic, and we believe knowledge is power. Keeping Healthy
The mouth is the most lucrative investment you can make. Therefore, an oral health blog will teach you how to maintain
Teeth, and enjoy them over time, while maintaining good health!