4 about dental implants that will leave you with an open mouth

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There is a connection between dental implants, the ability to chew and process your food and your health. Many studies show that adult patients who have had dental implants, are able to maintain better physical health, better physical shape and brain vitality, than people who suffer from missing teeth or who have chewing difficulties as a result of removable dentures.

Patients who are in their 60’s and 70’s often ask whether they really need a dental implant at their age?

I love answering that question and I always say:
“Teeth transplants have no age, you are only going to benefit from them, your teeth of course, at any age.”

Why are having teeth in your mouth (even if implanted) and the ability to chew, so important to your health, appearance, and your self confidence?
Here are some reasons:

#1 When there are teeth in your mouth, you enjoy proper chewing

Even if you are 65 years old and above, teeth transplant can in some cases give you 25 additional years (depending on your health of course and in comparison to a severe lack of teeth) of good chewing years, rich in vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to your health.

Many studies have shown a correlation between a good bite and your health over time; as a result of good absorption of nutrients and vitamins from your food.

How does this happen?
When we chew, we moisturize the food with our saliva. Our saliva contains enzymes that begin to break down the food while still in the mouth, helping to better absorb vitamins and minerals. Chewing, allows saliva to be absorbed in a larger scale.

In addition, when we chew, we break the food down into smaller pieces, and smaller pieces require less effort from our digestive system. After a dental implant, you can chew any type of food you could have chewed when you still had your natural teeth in your mouth, and even food types you couldn’t chew before, assuming your natural teeth were problematic.

#2 A dental implant makes sure your teeth stay in your mouth, they will not go anywhere

Dental implants are the best replacement for natural teeth. As opposed to removable dentures, they do not come out of the mouth because they are anchored to the jaw using the implants themselves.

The implants are screws made of titanium, one of the strongest metals in nature. We make a structure on the implants that allows the dressing of a crown on to them. Similarly to the crowns that are placed on a tooth that underwent root canal treatment, the implant cannot move anywhere.
And how fast can this happen? Even in one day.

In a one daily dental implant process, the patient gets teeth fixed to his jaw the same day. The process is performed over four months, and the initial set of teeth the patient receives is a temporary one that will serve him until the permanent set is received.

The reason for this stability (or also called osteointegration), is that in this process the bone attaches the implant to the jaw, and the bones tightly wrap it until actually causing the implant to fuse to the jaw, preventing any movement, like a real tooth.

#3 You will not have to worry about changing your facial structure

Lack of teeth can cause bone retraction, which over time changes facial structure impairing our ability to chew and speak. This causes a crumpled face which folds inwards. When reaching such a condition, repairing the cumulative damage will usually take a long time, and the cost increases significantly.

Why does bone retraction happen in our body? Or why do we need it?

Our body is very smart. It is constantly busy managing our precious resources. When the body recognizes that a particular resource is not needed anymore, it simply stops producing it. If it is an existing resource like a bone which is not needed in the jaw, that bone is absorbed into the body giving more access to other resources serving our body.

Not ideal, not pretty, but effective.

Dental implants retain the facial structure. The bone does not recede because there is an artificial root that sends our brain an indication that a bone is needed in that area, and the bone does not move.

#4 When you have teeth in your mouth, you are fully confident

Our teeth play a very important role in speech and language pronunciation, without them, our speech may not be clear and sometimes even misunderstood by those who surround us.

It is known that dental deficiency can cause speech problems, but not only. A lesser-known fact is that tooth deficiency makes us very sensitive to the appearance of our teeth, which can impair our self-confidence and prevent us from talking, or even going out to social events.

Of course, they are both related to each other, one who has difficulty speaking may lack in confidence. One who avoids speaking due to his mouth lacking teeth, will of course, speak much less. This is a vicious circle that must come to an end.

Nowadays, after teeth extraction, a crown and a tooth implant can be loaded immediately. There is no need to walk around with a missing tooth or a feeling of insecurity or shame, God forbid.

With a one daily dental implant treatment, you can leave the dental clinic with a new set of teeth that same day. You can get the treatment under full anesthesia, sedation, or local anesthesia, according to your preference. So do not wait, dental implants can extend your life and improve it significantly!

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